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Just for FUN, Kids Bake & Paint, Kids Art Camp, Girls Night, Date Night, Team Building, Fundraisers, Retreats, Celebrations

Art Class

BRING YOUR OWN APRON is a Mother & Daughter team that offers paint & craft classes at your location and various locations across Central Pennsylvania.

We provide the artists/teachers, the tools, the personalized instruction and the fun.

ARE YOU READY? It's Simple!

1. Tell us what you want to paint ( theme/idea, current offering from our FB page)

2. Select a date, time and venue for your event.

3. Bring Your Own Apron will create a Class/Ticket Page for your event where your guests can purchase their seat.

4. On Event Day, we set up and are prepared for your guests to arrive.

Guests Bring their own beverages, snacks and don't forget the aprons!

5. The FUN begins!

6. Everyone leaves with their very own work of art and a sense of accomplishment!

We also offer Public Paint Nights and Classes. Check out our Facebook Page to learn more!

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